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iOgrapher Case

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Start using your iPads to add an additional dimention to your curriculum or business communication. Our Class Kit is designed for 4 to 5 participants per filmmaking set-up. With 5 iPads, you can create 5 filmmaking studios and set your participants off in groups to create, report on, or document - and assign roles such as producer, director, and actor/reporter.

From journalistic to short film and documentary, this kit will have your class, and school or office, covered!

Our Class Kit includes
5 x iOgrapher Cases which houses your iPad/iPhone/GoPro and connects to your tripods, audio and lighting equipment,
1 x LEDGO 4x 150 LED Lighting Kit providing beautiful seamless light which can be configured any way you like,
1 x LEDGO 150 LED On Camera LED Panel to add to your LEDGO lighting kit and increase the number of connectable pannels to 5,
5 x The Master Light Stands to hold your lighting if you wish to seperate all your light panels and have them removed from your iOgrapher case to better light up your subject,
2 x Lighting Kit Bags to hold and protect your lighting stands,
5 x Manfrotto Tripod Compact Action Black to help frame and capture the perfect shot,
5 x Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod also to help frame and capture the perfect shot but great for post-production work,
5 x My Myk SmartMyk to capture perfect audio,
5 x My Myk Connector Cable to connect your My Myk SmartMyk microphone to your devices,
5 x My Myk SportsMyk a fully adjustable, mini-boom microphone that can be securely attached to clothing, getting you even closer to the audio source,
5 x RODE SC1 TRRS Extension Cable and
5 x RODE SC8 Dual-Male TRS Extension Cable to extend the reach of your audio devices,
2 x Bag Roller 70 Professional Collection to keep your new equipment safe and secure (differs from current picture).


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