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Activate your iPad, your iPhone, your GoPro, or other film capturing devices with our video production kits and start creating high quality 4K device based video! These hand selected kits take the trial and error out of setting up a professional in-house video production studio and are an affordable alternative to traditional filming methods and produce awesome, professional quality videos.

All of our kits are centred around and include an iOgrapher case, which holds your device such as an iPad, and allows pheriperals such as microphones and lighting to be mounted, and tripods to be attached. Our kits only include high quality products, tried and tested by the team at Activate Entertainment, and which we use on a daily basis for our productions and educational services. Filmmaking doesn't have to be hard, and our kits are designed to have you ready in minutes!

Important things to note about all of our kits

  • Our Kits do not include iPad's, iPhone's or GoPros.
  • We constantly review and upgrade our Kits so some items pictured may vary from time to time. Please always refer to the list in each Kit's description.
  • There is no iOgrapher case for the iPad Pro 12.9". 
  • Please read our instructions on creating quotes and fulfilling purchase orders at the top of this page.
  • We are an approved Apple retailer and iPads are available for purchase seperately.

Apple is constantly updating and improving their iPad offerings. Please visit our iPad section if you need some help identifying your iPad, or understanding what's currently on the market.